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I'm thinking of making an aerolid for myself and just wanted some tips on the process.

im thinking of using 3-5 layers of Kevlar/carbon 4k weave, and I'll start by making a foam model, then a fiberglass mold, then plaster block from the fiberglass mold which I'll paint with polyurethane paint, then layer the Kevlar/carbon and vacuum bag on the block with an electric blanket on top for heat (48 hours), and let it cure for 2-3 weeks before paint and use.

comments would be much appreciated.

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Are you going to build the entire thing or build an aero shell over an already existing helmet? Not much use for a helmet with no protection in it.

Sounds like you have your process sussed anyway.

i heard that as of next year igsa wont be accepting helmets that are not approved to certified standards, if you intend to race in it,probs not worthwhile making your own.

go for a predator, they look sick and will actually protect you in a crash

Id probably rather buy a $60 mountain bike helmet and stick some cereal boxes around it to make a aero helmet haha

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