ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Keep an eye out for the feature story on A Current Affair tomorrow night.

'Skateboard hooligans, morons with a death wish'

I did an interview today with ACA will be interesting to see how it goes on the cutting room floor. From the title I assume its gonna be a massacre.

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Loved the irony here:


[ACA reports the ONE single death due to DH skating in Aus]


Police Officer: "Unfortunately we're losing TOO MANY lives from this....."


Sure, one death is one too many but only a total idiot would think there has been some outbreak of skating fatalities worth reporting on and creating new laws over. Oh idiots are the ACA target market.

matt cassar said:

Just watched it now.....

Yeah sweet thanks ACA, more police on our favourite runs that we had kept quiet, to give us more fines and more verbal sprays for doing something we love that is statistically safer than driving. Loving life.

direct outraged emails here! lets flood em

i know its hard but dont just call them dick heads try to be smart about it. dont give them ammo

ACA's only reason to exist is to spread panic amongst the populace. And the only people who watch it are people like my parents; old, right-wing wowsers who believe anyone under forty is a criminal. I wouldn't worry about it. But for God's sake, watch out for puppies!!

agreed attempt to word it intelligently but keep the outrage!

murrah said:

i know its hard but dont just call them dick heads try to be smart about it. dont give them ammo

no beard robbo.... shucks

They got me just after my weekly shaving day.

another ACA waste of bandwidth.

No one watches their crap anyway, most people are stuck in traffic at that time.

Still, good job by Robbo,
and great work on the skate vids!

its also on

The thing about ACA is that its low budget news, its one of the lowest rating time slots on tv, but its also pretty important in the ratings war as they try and use it to set up the rest of the nights ratings, (i.e. people start on 9 and leave it on 9 the entire night) how ever its only the less then intelligent who do that so their stuff has to over dramatic and idiot proof, sadly thats the way the media is going these days.

In regards to the story its self, it was rubbish, so factually flawed it was almost funny and at the same time some of it was just out and out slander, its ironic how the story breach's the terms of use for comments regarding to it

 check out these guys we all should consider ourselves extremely  lucky that other people care about us.... The alternative is very scary.....Or exciting.....

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