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do centrax fit on a topmount i want to know befor i buy them.

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thanks bro that helps alot.

you might need some risers depending on  your truck setup and the wheel wells on your deck

i have a greese shark and 50cals

Should be sweet.

if you get wheelbite, turn less... thats what i do

I can run centrax on my S9 race on very low 42* precisions with no risers, just some sensibly designed and sanded wheel wells. 

yeh im not going to be freeriding on then so i should be sweet and no tech shit with them thats why im getting classic bigzigz for those technical courses thanks alot guys.


Not going to be free riding on Centrax? Why ever not?!?

Dude downhill on centrax? Are you actually crazy? you will slip out on the tiniest bends, If your gonna be skating downhill then for grip I would probably reccomend cult classics.

i just bought the cult classic for dh thanks i almost made a big mistake

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