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Race number three is coming up fast guys. October 4th and 5th. This is a big weekend. Ditch race on the Saturday. Hybrid slalom on the Sunday.
The Sunday race is sanctioned and insured. It is on at a new venue - bike track. So there is room for dual slalom. Plus cruisey longboard, slalom area on the other side of the bike track. Surface is new hot mix tar with slight incline. It will be fast. But not giant slalom fast.

Post up who is going and if there is room in your car for travellers.

Jacko? Steve is coming down. How are you getting to Canberra?

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hey guys really looking forward to having all you guys in Canberra, where are people going out to drink while here and when are people bombing black mountain? don't think I'm ready myself but would really like to se how t goes.
I believe everyone will be gathering at the Statesman Saturday night for a feed, beers, and a yarn...
Maybe even some carpet ollies and slappies on the curb outside...
Not sure about Sunday night.

People will be hitting Black Mountain on Monday but probably at other times as well...
It is a holiday on Monday and Black Mountain might be busy. It is not the type of hill you bomb if there are a lot of cars. However the Sunday race is at Stromlo - and the region looks promising. We might need a scouting party on Saturday or Sunday.
Brindabella Rod looks ok
For anyone contempating coming to Canberra this weekend - DO IT !!!!
This is what we are skating. The ditch is perfect - fast and clean.
The Stromlo bike track will be epic. Look how much room we will have. Slalom heaven. Head to Head. Some of the best racing all year will go down this weekend in Canberra.

These are the winners trophies - OH YEAH - look nice on your mum's mantle above the fireplace - she'd be soooo proud


hey guys, just woke up and its raining but the papers says that it will clear up later, will the saturday event be cancelled?

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