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  • Mt Ruapehu (Brothers In Arms)

    Mt Ruapehu (Brothers In Arms)

    Taking a run down Mt Rape-You with the homies during the 2014 N-Tense D. Cheers to Larry for the fo… Dani Mar 11, 2014 104 views

  • Sector9 Vs Rayne

    Sector9 Vs Rayne

    Daniel Hawes from Kangaroo Island in Australia, headed to the Hawaiian Islands in the US to drink c… Dani Jul 27, 2013 114 views

  • Blue walls

    Blue walls

    Another fun day at the pool on one of my last days in Hawaii. Dani Jan 23, 2013 59 views

  • Maui Teaser Clip

    Maui Teaser Clip

    Get some! Part of a run with Ethan Lau, Kaimana Pinto, Amanda Powell and myself. For more shit from… Dani Dec 28, 2012 58 views

  • Planet of the Apex

    Planet of the Apex

    Ruhje presents: Spotcheck Finland -series, episode one, Påminne. Two nights of longboarding at the… Dani Mar 11, 2012 95 views



    The mission we had in front of us was to loop with a sled. Since the snow never came we decided to… Dani Mar 11, 2012 172 views

  • Young men on acid

    Young men on acid

    A quick run down the IGSA's newest and one of their best roads, Verdicchio. Getting a little tired… Dani Nov 15, 2011 148 views

  • Liberec


    Ville from Finland threw this little clip together from a day of riding in Czech this year. Ville w… Dani Nov 14, 2011 97 views


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