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At 15:28 on August 5, 2012, Zane said…

haggy, tell me, can I get my hands on a asra tshirt again or are they unavailable?

At 14:47 on March 27, 2012, Angus Allen said…

hey Hag..... I was just looking through the ASRA site and thought I'd send a g'day!


At 17:39 on February 2, 2012, Mark Gorman said…

Well done Haggy GREAT job by all at ASRA getting the Council to say yes, Fantastic news mate  Fantastic :) 

At 19:29 on July 17, 2011, Mark Gorman said…
Cats out of the bag ,Has Wollongong Council given the go ahead for the world cup !!!!!!!! Do tell
At 21:33 on February 2, 2011, chris berry said…
hey Haggy thanks for letting me and henry stay the other night turns out we did not really need to stay rhys was stuck there waiting in line to go to surgery to get his hip screwed back on
At 18:03 on November 9, 2010, peter bieri said…
hi haggy spoke to you before lost your number i just rejoined because i lost my password but its reset without giving it to me or i dont know where to find it please call me my number is 0417 778 252 kind regards peter bieri.

ps this is a one month ongoing saga
At 18:12 on October 25, 2010,
Premium Member
Phil Bartlett
hi mate I just added you, I just got home from the jewlery store after buying the wife a Bday prezzie and am flat broke till payday so If you cant wait till tuesday night next week for me to do a paypal transfer I will remove my reply to the thread.

happy to pay the full $80 and will pick up from the hopshop within the next few weeks.
At 3:59 on September 4, 2010, craig bond said…
hey haggy.
just wanted a confirmation, i joined asra to register for newtons,but the list hasn't updated my name. i've paid, and the paypal has gone thru, so its registered something, but just wanted to make sure its legit so my newtons rego is not void, i'd be spewin.
let me know, cheers.
At 15:55 on August 23, 2010, Finn said…
Thanks for the encouragement thismorning dude :D
At 22:18 on July 5, 2010, Luan Berisha said…

Såg dem live för två dagar sen, visste inte att norrmän kunde göra bra musik :D
At 19:02 on June 18, 2010, Leon Smith said…
What ya thoughts on Mt Baw Baw? :-)
At 22:40 on April 13, 2010,
Premium Member
were you in the photo when gnar attacks? yellow and red?????????????
At 22:34 on April 13, 2010,
Premium Member
At 22:33 on April 13, 2010,
Premium Member
cheers mate i was looking for people who might have been interested in trialling some boards, i was asking for all the people on my friends list if they would pay for materials plus 35 buck for labour worked out at 90 bucks, this was due to the fact that i have some bracing ply i had picked up in a bulk buy but pete hill said that i need single layer veneers so i was making some ply prototypes. Jack has just given me some great positive feedback from the one i made for him. He said i should ask you if you were interested as you "know you shit" (jacko language). At the moment i am making three trial boards for some people TRYING to get them ready for BTB. i will send you a copy of the email i sent out but absolutely no pressure, you might just have some thoughts. I have interest from Rob Mawiny and Dani as a long term thing to make them customs for whwwen they come home for NPG10.
At 14:03 on January 24, 2010,
Premium Member
Hiya Haggy!

Just writing to ask a small favour. If you head to the Taking the EOTH thread there is a discussion about a potential race in SA. Everyone in this state (especially me) is pretty unaware of how to start things off. I was wondering if perhaps you could drop by and offer some words of wisdom to the guys. Thanks!
At 22:35 on December 29, 2009,
Premium Member
Rob Mcwhinnie
haggy lets roll thursday morning at kiera and get back round lunch.
At 12:55 on October 28, 2009,
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Ghost Rider
Hey Haggy

I’m in the process of trying to get the Cork Screw road shut down once a month for us gravity riders. I’m looking into having a charity free ride day on this road in very near future as well. I have spoken to a local resident who understands what we’re all about, but is concerned that cars (drifters) or bikers that fly up the road cutting corner will not see one of us and take us out, seriously injury or kill us. So he said he would rather have the road shut down. His wife is on the Montacute residents association and is willing to help out to get things rolling.

What things do you advise me to do? Process to making this work?

I also spoke to Jacko on the weekend about what would happen in terms of insurance and he said something about ASRA having some kind of insurance that would allow Adelaide gravity rides onto this road when its closed down.

At 23:40 on October 2, 2009,
Premium Member
nice to meet you today mate good luck in CHC
At 23:15 on August 20, 2009,
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Bullet Man
Hey haggy! How is life?? I would love your advice for a legal matter.... Posible to get in touch?? SKype or something?? Cheers

Dennis from Norway haha
At 16:50 on April 14, 2009, speedy canuck said…
cheers bro, thanx for the help. i'll try bugs.


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