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At 0:10 on July 14, 2012, Lucas said…

hey man are u still selling ur aeras ?

At 19:38 on December 5, 2010, Harrison Meares said…
Hey scotty
just wondering if you still had the set of leathers that you were telling me about at school.
really keen to buy the if theyre good
if so shoot me a message asap
thnx :)
At 22:39 on November 11, 2010, Kam Kite said…
missed out on keira coz you dont ask just ask man.
At 15:00 on September 11, 2010,
Premium Member
I love you Poolie!!!!
At 13:40 on July 5, 2010, Ashley Armitage said…
Hey dude, just wondering what kind of bears you were going to sell for $50, if the other dude dont take them ill be happy to take tehm off your hands
At 21:31 on March 18, 2010,
Premium Member
check your hotmail
At 21:19 on February 16, 2010, Nick Mayor said…
hey are you up for a session on friday morning? with ryan me n cooper if he wants?....
At 19:54 on February 3, 2010, Cooper Kruize said…
well scotty if u want my dad is there...
At 22:18 on October 1, 2009, Ryan 'RY RY' Peterson said…
thanx ?!
At 10:36 on September 6, 2009, Jay Capellari said…
thanks. I'm 13.
At 15:33 on August 3, 2009, scotto said…
give me a ring 0400 381 908
At 12:10 on July 20, 2009, leighgriffiths said…
bushing are all different in terms of whats soft and whats hard. i suggest you get a set of red Venom Barrels and a set of green Venom Barrels and play around with them yourself. its very hard to recommend a certain set-up cos everyone is different (ie. weight, board etc.)
At 21:13 on July 18, 2009, Cooper Kruize said…
oi bro i dont know whetther i will be able to go skatin this hols again because the doctor said that i shouldnt cus it is heaps swolen and it is in a bad way.
At 17:45 on July 18, 2009,
Premium Member
glyde they are way better
At 23:34 on July 16, 2009,
Premium Member
Just wanted to show you that method of pressing out a deck.
Its and easy and cheap process unless you already have the press with forms.
At 19:26 on July 15, 2009, Cooper Kruize said…
oi bro we are meeting at linny at 7 45 tomoz because we are going to catch a train from central at 8 25 and we will det to bluey at 10 20
At 19:38 on July 12, 2009,
Premium Member
well i have been longboarding for about 8 years now but i didnt step foot onto a propper DH deck and bomb a mountain with full leathers and all that jazz untill october 2007. Practice on your board and balance is how you can overcome the wobbles, there is actually no such thing as wobbles, just twitches in your legs... think about that. Your legs need to be your springs, or your suspension if you will, the more strength and balance you have to controll your board through your legs the easier it is to go fast...
At 22:59 on July 10, 2009,
ASRA Admin
Hi Scott, welcome to ASRA.



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