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At 11:52 on November 29, 2010, nige said…
well done Craig. Huge effort ... Stephen send his his congratulations as well.
At 13:29 on November 28, 2010, Mark said…
hey mate good to see ur ripping up nn keep it up , goodluck
At 17:46 on October 27, 2010, Azraef Nash said…
Hey Craig!
Its me Azraef..
how are you doing bro.? hahaha, finally i make an account under West Oz team..
hahaha i am sure will be up down from Singapore to Perth and other part of OZ..
i will be heading home on 5th Nov. care for another session?
im kinda regret of just bringing only one board with me for this trip, hope will be here again in March with some of Singapore guys..will sure bring my full face helmet and other boards for other purposes like freeride and Dh.
anyway, thank you so much for the invitation to play mellow chill out session at Gooseberry Hill,
i will be hitting back to the Gooseberry hill, tomorrow evening(Wednesday evening) and Sunday evening..
you free on those days?

At 22:53 on September 19, 2010,
Premium Member
Hey Craig.
I got mine from the local Motorcycle shop. They don't sell online. I just walked in and bought it over the counter. Try your local and see if they stock it or something similar.
I'd give you mine but I gave it away when I sold my Icaro style helmet.
At 14:05 on September 4, 2010,
Premium Member
Hey Craig - Yep, you're an official paid up ASRA member and registered for Newton's as well. See you there mate.
At 2:11 on August 28, 2010, Dan Martin said…
dude, haven't seen you out in ages. hope things are goin rad for ya man.... come skate!
At 2:10 on August 20, 2010, leighgriffiths said…
sweet. will be good to catch up. haven't skated or even seen it yet. hopefully i'll get to soon. its a private track and apparently if we ride it without permission they will cancel the event. so not gonna risk it. looks and sounds good though.
At 2:33 on August 17, 2010, leighgriffiths said…
cool man. gonna be away that coming weekend, but should be able to find a day or two before then to skate wit ya. let me know when you get in.
At 23:01 on May 26, 2010,
Premium Member
Raine Kent
cheers mate
At 21:29 on May 24, 2010,
Premium Member
Raine Kent
hey craig, just a few q's from the other night, whats that stuff that cabinet makers use and is good for slide gloves again? and what part of the road traffic act is that law u quoted the other night? cheers
At 9:34 on May 14, 2010, olivier bareaud said…
hi craig,
no I have still the dancer,
dancer :250$
shipping 20$
if you want it, send me an email with your adress and phone number, and I give you my account number for the payment,
thanks ,
At 17:05 on February 12, 2009,
Premium Member
Bondy! How the Fark Areya? Good to see you on here at last dude.
You coming to Newtons again in Nov? You were ripping last year.
At 16:47 on February 12, 2009,
ASRA Admin
Hi Craig, welcome to ASRA.


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