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Newton's Nation just gets bigger!!

This years IGSA World Cup in Bathurst is looking to be the biggest yet. ASRA has been hard at work over the last 5 months looking at ways to raise the profile again for this years event. We will be running the 2010 World Cup in conjunction with a festival promoter giving us the ability to put more of our focus into the racing. Alongside the extreme action Newton's will have an impressive lineup of top Australian acts over the three day festival. Featuring live rock, hip hop, dance and Indie artists on the main stage and DJ towers spread throughout the festival. We will also have major National TV and radio stations broadcasting live from the event.

Revelers rock on to the night time action at the Newton's festival

To reflect the greater profile of Newtons Nation in 2010 we will be raising the prize purse at this years World Cup to make it the richest downhill event in the world with a whopping $20,000 in prize money. We believe this level of reward properly recognises where our sport and industry is heading and with 20 big ones on the line the best of the best, and the best of the rest will be fighting for glory and a bucket load of cash to be crowned the king of the mountain and the Australian World Cup Champion.

2009 World Champion and defending Newton's winner K-Rimes

Watching the riders smash and crash their way down the mountain at terrifying speeds last year got us thinking, how do we increase the intensity on one of the most technically intense tracks in the world? Answer, we offer more cash to to more people and we give it out right down the list (to help people like Labarthe pay for a new set of ribs). So in addition to the $5,000 on offer for first place in the Open Downhill skateboard a fist full of cash will be given all the way down to 7th place (F#$K YEAH!!!). This should get the Norwegians sharpening their gangsta knives, team Sector 9 adding extra speed stripes to those sweet black team leathers, Team Geen painting camo stripes on their faces, K-rimes trucking in a pallet of wheels, Yate-dawg growing a new set of ballast hangers and STRYKER TRYING TO GET A WHOLE LIME CITRUS TREE THROUGH CUSTOMS!!!!

Team Greens 2008 World Champion Scoot Smith with team Sector 9 in the hunt

We will also be giving away $1,000 to the fastest qualifier in a winner takes all confrontation in the top ten shootout which should get Martin Seigrist adding a security detail to his race setup in an all out effort to grab the cash and defend his fastest qualifier title.

Hamish slips under the security detail to get a quick photo with the legendary three time World Champion Martin Siegrist and that race setup

We all know how much ASRA and the whole scene loves the woman of downhill. To us there is nothing as hot as a RAD female skater wiping out half the open field and we all know how much the woman of downhill love the cash. We think as athletes they ride at such a high level and deserve reward for the status they provide to an elite event. So in true ASRA fashion we have raised the woman's prize purse from $1,800 to $2,700 because we want to see more of these elite female riders at our events. We hope this will attract the best female riders in the world to the richest female division on the World Cup Circuit.

2009 World Champion Brianne Davies takes the glory and the cash

We all know that the only thing faster than charging down Mt Panorama on your feet is doing it on your back. Only a lucky few people know what its like to hit the hay bales at the dipper shaped like a cruise missile knowing that there is solid concrete wall behind the bales. The Luge guys race the mountain shoulder to shoulder at speeds well over 100km/h and are absolutely fearless. We have decided to raise the prize money for the luge divisions from $3,800 to $5,800, this should help pay for the excess baggage required to bring one of these babies in from overseas and offset some of the bar tab for the aussie guys.

2008 World Cup winner and 2009 Street Luge World Champion, Australian Nick Duffield will be looking to make it three in a row

2009 Classic Luge champion and race car legend Andy Lally will be looking for revenge against his local nemesis Nick Duffield

For full event details and festival updates visit Newton's Nation

For tickets to the biggest action sports festival in Australia visit Moshtix

For competitor registration and updates visit the ASRA Newton's page

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Premium Member
Comment by Dani on June 6, 2010 at 9:41
That is some serious price rise on the prize money! Fantastic to see!!!
Comment by Robbo on June 6, 2010 at 10:00
We think its about time that riders on the World Cup start getting some serious reward for their effort and the cash they spend to compete on the tour. ASRA are not followers, we like to lead from the front and show the rest of the world how you put on a real pro event and how you raise the profile of a sport. This will allow Australians to compete in the biggest event on the world tour in there own country and the media will have to take serious notice of what is happening here.
Comment by craig bond on June 6, 2010 at 12:27
when u say festival style, does that mean there will be bmx, n parkour, n other stuff like last time? or just downhill?
looks good but guys, keep it up!
Comment by Robbo on June 6, 2010 at 12:35
There will be other events on top of the mountain with most of those being under the control of the festival promoter, the downhill will be run by ASRA and be the centrepiece of the event. Their will also be a massive music festival that will run over the 3 days on top of the mountain

Premium Member
Comment by Ching on June 6, 2010 at 12:39
damn! sounds like its gonne be epic this year! really bummed i won't be able to make it.
Comment by Robbo on June 6, 2010 at 12:45
Juniors get a free tattoo and massive pimp rights. They also get the right to have a crack at the opens cash.
Comment by Brad NS on June 8, 2010 at 1:40
its a big step up in prize money ,im sure it will again draw out all the fastest racers !! Your realy leading the way ASRA !!! ive been so close maybe this year ;)

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