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Nicky Guerrero (photo: Dave Pang)

I went to one of the best events of the year yesterday - BOWL-A-RAMA 2012, the annual bowl-riding competition at Bondi beach. It doesn't get much better than this, sunny n hot, the beach and crystal blue ocean on one side, the bowl and some ridiculously good skating on the other side. Either way you look, life's freakin great.

I love going to the BOWL-A-RAMA. It's a good opportunity to catch up with people and see some of my favorite skaters rip up the bowl. Every year the riding just gets better and better and I have a great deal of respect for these fearless concrete warriors. I roamed the contest area for a while, checking out the action from a few different angles, before settling into a comfortable chair in the stands for the afternoon.

Mick Mulhall (photo: Dave Pang) 

There was a lot of impressive riding. The skating of Jack Fardell stood out for me. He tore it up and is one of the most stylish guys to watch, with his big felt hat and long hair just flying around. Switch acid drop, big back d's and grinding everything in sight at mach speed. Josh Rodriguez - huge airs and fast. Our own Jimmy Beck took out a well-deserved fourth place, great to see him place so high.

Jack Fardell - hat n hair n orange socks 50-50 (photo: Mic White)

Rune and Bucky - what can you say?! just ruling the joint. And then there is this kid Pedro Barros... the best bowl-skater alive?! No doubt. This was his third consecutive victory at Bondi, and he's only 16... wtf! He is unbelievable to watch, so so fast, and boasts total technical mastery as well as huge airs and 540s.

Caballero took out the Masters - mr smooth. It was great to see some of the local dudes ripping it up as well. Congrats to Mick Mulhall on third! If you weren't there this year, don't worry, there's next year to look forward to - even bigger and better!

Let's check out some more photos from the day's action, starting with the juniors.  These guys and gals are 1/3rd my age and about 100 times better than me.  It's a humbling sight...

Luke Russell shows us how's its done - FS air over the hip (photo: Mic White)

Poppy Olsen - 11 years old and holy moly absolutely rad! (Photo: Mic White)

Bucky Lasek Boneless (Photo: Mic White)

Rune Glifberg (photo: Dave Pang)

For more info check out



1st Place – Pedro Barros ($16,000)
2nd Place – Bucky Lasek ($9,000)
3rd Place – Rune Glifberg ($5,000)
4th Place – Nathen “Jimmy” Beck ($3,000)
5th Place – Nolan Munroe ($2,300)
6th Place – Joshua Rodriguez ($2,000)
7th Place – Steven Pineiro ($1,700)
8th Place – Jack Fardell ($1,600)
9th Place – Kalani David ($1,500)
10th Place – Juergen Horrwarth ($1,400)



1st Place – Steve Caballero ($5,800)
2nd Place – Nicky Guerrero ($3,000)
3rd Place – Mik Mulhall ($2,000)
4th Place – Rob “Sluggo” Boyce ($1,800)
5th Place – Sergie Ventura ($1,500)
6th Place – Eddie Elguera El Gato ($1,400)
7th Place – Adam Luxford ($1,300)
8th Place – Pat Ngoho ($1,200)
9th Place – Sean Goff – ($1,100)
10th Place – Lester Kasai ($1,100)

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Comment by Robbo on February 26, 2012 at 23:01

love to see a few more photos of this

Premium Member
Comment by haggy on February 27, 2012 at 8:28

am getting some more photos and will post up tonight when home.

Premium Member
Comment by haggy on February 27, 2012 at 20:15

and a few more:

Pedro 540 (Photo: Mic White)

Premium Member
Comment by haggy on February 27, 2012 at 20:18

Lachlan Abbott - junior ripping (Photo: Mic White)

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