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  • goofy pride

    67 members Latest Activity: Jan 3, 2013 for all us goofy stance riders to talk goofy stuff.

  • Voodoo Longboards

    68 members Latest Activity: Feb 10, 2013 Voodoo Longboards

  • Dead Cow Appreciation Society

    34 members Latest Activity: May 2, 2011 The appreciation of dead cows, and roos, that save our skin when all things go bad....

  • Team MELBURN

    26 members Latest Activity: Dec 31, 2011

    we skate, we love manta rays and we leave the drama to the peasants. That's how Team Melburn does it. We are based in Melbourne skate city.

  • Central Coast Groms

    53 members Latest Activity: Jan 11, 2013 Central Coast Groms... from Pretty Beach to Halekulani, we session, chill and kill.

  • Mighty and exclusive Bretheron

    10 members Latest Activity: Oct 30, 2011 We no, it's no Bathurst or Danger Bay, But it's local and fun.

  • SA juniors

    6 members Latest Activity: Feb 2, 2010 a group were all young local adelaide rippers can discuss new spots, sessions and other topics... this is a private group. JOIN!..

  • Board Builders

    227 members Latest Activity: Jun 8, 2016 for any one who has made/modified a board. post some pics of your press or completed boards, its all good. also, maybe share some tips on building…


    108 members Latest Activity: Mar 30, 2014 Title is rather self-explanitory..

  • Teh Deck Donkeys

    23 members Latest Activity: Aug 20, 2015 Sunshine State Under 18's unite to melt precious urethane!

  • OMNI

    10 members Latest Activity: Mar 27, 2010 Lets see em !

  • absofukinlutely need to skate

    31 members Latest Activity: Dec 18, 2011 for all those people who have nothing better to do and absofuckinlutely want to skate all the time, and dream about skating when sleeping


    59 members Latest Activity: Oct 11, 2013 This is the group for all people who like a bit of the old school!! Boards,... parts,.. history,... music,... collectables. Post your fave pics,...…

  • Big Zigs Appreciation Society

    62 members Latest Activity: Apr 28, 2012 Otangs have had their time, Now its Retro Big Zigs time to shine!

  • North Shore Downhill

    73 members Latest Activity: Aug 26, 2014 For anyone living in Sydney North Shore whos looking for some skating seshions, getting to know each other and learn off each other, young and old.

  • Speed is my only Friend

    18 members Latest Activity: Jan 1, 2012

  • West Aus Riders

    258 members Latest Activity: Mar 20, 2018 This is a group for W.A riders to join, so we can organise skate meets, downhill runs, carpark runs, city runs, Rottnest island runs and comps... all…

  • Willy Hill Bombers

    19 members Latest Activity: Jan 11, 2013 For people who are keen to bomb Old Willunga Hill


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