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Hey guys n girls,

we are having a social Allawah Vintage and Longboard Slalom Ride.

11AM, Sunday 17th March Allawah.

This is a social get together so come along and ride your old school, longboard or slalom deck and have a chinwag and to check out some history from the old school decks.

So come along you old schooler,s and show us your style.

No entry fee and no prizes, just relax,chill and enjoy and bring your family along.

Come on Fitzy...what did i forget?lol

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Yes Yes and Yes. Sounds like fun. im in

Its been too long since our last Allawah session.

Good one Skinny. I'm in!

Guff is in....

Whoo hooo for a good start for the 2013 slalom season!

Its now posted in the events section guys and thanks Fitz

Mark, send me a pm with your number mate please. I think i live near you as well?



Sorry about today < Radom dude on the  work phone HaHa was in the middle of  a order that was going out today ,, will give you a call

retro racer said:

Mark, send me a pm with your number mate please. I think i live near you as well?



Give me a call tonight please Mark

Umm lets hope i brought it home  Think its still at work My number is up on Custom Boards FB Page
retro racer said:

Give me a call tonight please Mark

This sound like a great day. Unfortunately I'm gonna miss it. Make sure you convene an informal meeting of the Slalom group to organise the next one!

All good MK, There is  a plan on doing a Comp down in the highlands before it gets to cold, we can run a informal and see what we can come up with, just trying to get some intrest have a great Rd This is a pic of the hill Retro and I have in mind, we need to do it before the house's start going up

Looks perfect for dual-lane, and it looks like it's got a bit of pitch to it. Steeper than Stromlo - maybe similar to the top section at Allawah (through the trees)?

I'm up for having a real slalom race there - we need new spots. What's the bust factor there?



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