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Remember any old spots you used to roll or still do? Any epic ramps,bowls,drains and hills that no longer remain? Lets hear about em and see some pics if possible!

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Nothing wrong with banks like that on a sunday arvo session ,)

This Ditch behind Kincumber High School on the NSW Central Coast was built around 1990. We use to skate this drain before there was any vegetation, homes or High School. The drain is about 70m long, though small concrete buffers have been layered down, presumably by residents pissed off at the noise, it does seem to be easily removed however with the aid of a pinch bar... hopefully some local kids will resurrect this place one day. It had a flat area up top with 9 foot hips and a smaller run down the other direction at the top of the hill,,,

old locations? we are talking about skate spots but just as an insight as to why so many poms are over here and why those that skate don't really do soccer I give you this in some way of an explanation.
After Orpington I was man handled by my parents nd forced to move to Gillingaham, a town that was once ful of dock workers that built ships from Nelsons victory to the UK'S first nuclear sub. Then they layed them al off and closed the dockyard; meaning the 68 ( or there abouts but that is about right) pubs in the 4 square kilometers had to really battle for business.....the good days buy a pint get a pint free pi@#ed by 3pm sober by 8pm straight into an evening session.
Gillingham and Millwall soccer was always a bit of a bitch, one of the last FC fatal stabbings was at millwall playing Gillingahm. Millwall say he stabbed himself because of how bad Gillingham played.....check out the vid and you'll know why I was happy to move to Oz after living in Gillingham.........UK soccer fucking hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNDER 16's PLEASE DO NOT VIEW IT's RUBBISH
Tell us Dylan. :)
I take it its busy these days.
Where exactly was it?



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