ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Heres a place to put vids that everyone should know.

Old stuff that shaped skateboarding,... trailers, snippets.

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Awesome Tom....
do you mind if I embed it in here??

tom Crane said:
The Signal Hill footage is epic!!!!!!
gleaming the cube!!!! raddest chase scene ever, christian slater riding a check plate alloy board being chased by triads in pickups and on motobikes, i quized cliff coleman about it a few years ago when he was in oz and his mate who he taught to slide was the stunt man, dunno hat happened to my copy of the dvd took me years to find it on ebay then lent it out. maybe not quite retro but still a good twenty years old.
well it was rad when i was 14......oh well.
loved the high speed olie on to the cop car
Signal hill film is awesome.
at 0.58 the "boards built for speed" is a Turner downhill gun. Foamcore speedboard. I have the re-issue on the hopshop wall.



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