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Hi Guys,


We are going to be running an outlaw alleyway race over here in the west.


With that in mind, is there any legal documents or similar that we need to process prior to the race?

I understand that as a Member of ASRA, we are insured for damages that may occur as a result of hitting another person while skating.  Does this apply to races, etc, etc.


If someone could outline the basics or point me towards this information, it would be greatly appreciated.





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hey mate, get in contact with haggy, robbo and bugs. they organise our biggest race after all. but there's also heaps of stuff on ASRA to help with organisation.

"I understand that as a Member of ASRA, we are insured for damages that may occur as a result of hitting another person while skating"


Negative, that would make you a one man liability. We have an insurance policy that event organisors can access at a reduced rate for legitimate events. We did talk a while back about expanding that as some other clubs do with medical insurence and what not but we would be talking membership fees of $300-$400 per year rather than the current $30 and we would require a minimum number of members to sign up. Many associations have membership fees like that but in the skate world they are not used to those kind of dollars


Maybe in the future we could offer that as a premium service ad-on but we would need a bigger pool of members in order to skim the minimum off the top

For a legit event, what would be the reduced rate for a race of 52?  I was told a while back, but have forgotten!
It varies from event to event and the level of insurance is partly determined by whatever that particular local council requires but somewhere in the region of $1000 -$1,400 depending whether you need 10 million or 20 million in public liability cover. Generally it does not matter whether its a 1 day or 4 day event, the insurance cost is the same. The number of riders doesn't really matter because your not insuring individual riders, so the more riders the cheaper it effectively becomes per rider. It basically costs about half of what it would normally cost you as we purchase insurance for 6-8 events in a block in advance and therefore receive a cheaper rate per event

Q&A from :


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Re: Note on Help Page

"Event Insurance

All legitimate events require public liability insurance and ASRA is happy to help in this area."


1) How many events per year can ASRA insure?

2) How much does insurance cost?

3) If ASRA exceeds the limit of events can it buy more insurance?

4) How is the cost of insurance charged to the race organiser on a per rider or per event basis?

5) Is the insurance policy suitable for events at places leased to event organisers, like Mt Stromlo?

6) Will event organisers need to obtain a signed indemnity from competitors, in order for ASRA insurance to be valid?

7) Is insurance dependant on organisers adhering to standard safety procedures, ie course preparation, first aid, traffic control, rider safety gear, and riders using safe equipment, and do you have a documented set of procedures?

8) Is insurance cover available to organisers of Outlaw events?

9) And does the registration system expose ASRA to liability from uninsurable events?


Bugs response

Bugs Comment by Bugs on May 9, 2011 at 8:39pm

If those questions were numbered,

1. Not sure, Haggy has the details. It's less than 10.

2. Again, Haggy has the details. Less than $1000 per event. When we've onsold it we've usually done so at a loss.

3. Not sure, but we've never gone close to the limit.

4. Per event.

5. Yes.

6. It's public liability insurance, which covers race organisers from claims made by members of the public who may get injured because of the race. It doesn't cover anybody against claims made by competitors, so what competitors sign isn't relevant.

7. The only relevant thing for this purpose is the safety of the public, not the safety of the competitors, so most of these concerns are misplaced, with the obvious exception of traffic control.

8. No.

9. I don't think so.

Shannon - if you're running an outlaw there is no point getting public liability insurance (PLI). 

PLI is what you need to show council or the owner of land where the event is being held.  Councils/property owners demand PLI as this is what protects the event organiser and, by extension, the council/property owner from being sued by members of the public who are injured as a result of the event.


If you will are planning on organising a legitimate event we can extend our insurance to your event, for a fee as Robbo indicated above.  Feel free to get in touch with any other questions you may have.


Note on Outlaw events

The easiest clue to working out if an event is outlaw, is often the hole in the fence that you just crawled through!

Outlaw events are generally outlaw for a very good reason, and if you are not sure about that reason put a post up here, and someone will explain it for you, before you do something that might risk messing it up for everyone else.


As a general rule, the local council do not own or control water ways... and the "keep out" signs are generally a pretty good clue as to who does control them. 

So it is not a very good idea to ask your local council for permision to use drainage ditches or private roads owned by the state Water Board, or power companies.  Because they will immediately approach that Water Board, or site owner with your request.  The next thing you should expect to get is a great big refusal from the Water Board, a new fence, with a case hardened lock and chain, and some brand new, extra sharp razor wire all around your favorite ditch, or road....if you are lucky....if you are not so lucky you should also expect to get skate-stoppers and permanent speed humps. (of course if we are really really really lucky nothing will happen)

Water Boards the world over hate skaters in their ditches, because they flood, and because after those floods they really really hate fishing dead bodies out of their water ways, or skater ramps (or bodies) lodging in exactly the right spot to cause wide spread flooding, and consequential insurance claims.

If you do attend an outlaw event on a Water Board ditch or road, know that you are trespassing,(going through the hole in the fence is the best clue to that one), you are skating entirely at your own risk, and it is 10 times more important that you leave not one single trace of your activities, and if anyone asks you have absolutely no idea about who organised it.


Having said all that, there are lots of us ready to help you to run an outlaw event, and at all times deny that you or anyone else had anything to do with it!



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