ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Hopkin Skate have teamed up with ASRA to give away stuff to ASRA members. To be eligible, you have to be a financial member of ASRA.


We have been a bit slack over the last 2 months and haven't done the members draw so this month is gonna be a quadruple giveaway bonanza! Each Sunday from now until Christmas ASRA and Hopkin are gonna give away a pile of skate gear (see below)  Become a member of ASRA and win shit for Christmas!


December quadruple giveaway bonanza 4 - 25th Dec

GoPro HD Helmet Hero

December quadruple giveaway bonanza 3 - 18th Dec

Metro Motion 70mm 80a wheels Winner is Tom Smith

December quadruple giveaway bonanza 2 - 11th Dec

Arbor Hybrid GT Complete Winner is Tom Chirnside

December quadruple giveaway bonanza 1 - 4th Dec

Seismic Bootleg 70mm 84aWinner is Declan Cassidy


September giveaway 1: A set of Darkspeed gloves

The lucky the winner is the grommet of the BMB - Nat Couzin!!!


September giveaway 2: A set of Rainskates Mega-Tsunami freeride wheels

The lucky winner is Capital Dirty Downhills own Dancing Dave Miller


July giveaway: a new Fullbag TM39 deck.

The lucky the winner is Man Vs Wild - Shannon Hearse








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Replies to This Discussion

Tom Chirnside!!!

Thats Tom Chirnside of west pymble

wooo! thanks robbo!

Its that time again... well I'm 4 days late but its time to do the members draw for a set of Metro Motion slide wheels

And the winner is Tom Smith!!!

Another 6 hrs to get into the members lounge to win a GoPro Helmet Hero camera

Please Santa let it be me. Hahaha

So the winner of the Christmas GoPro is Jaidyn Beilby!!!

very cool but who won the Christmas Go Pro?

Are you serious? Read 1cm above the comment you just posted
Been a bit quiet lately

Oh I wish I won that arbor hybrid :(



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