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So I went into STM in bondi junction because my friend wants to buy a board for cruising around on.. And the guy in there raved on about the new z flex boards they were getting in and how good and smooth they are.. I was pretty much sold.. Then we went into this place that I can't remember the name of by the beach, and they told us how shit they are.. I need some more opinions on the matter as I'm thinking of buying one myself..

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i've got a z-flex jay adams with trackers and z smooth wheels and i gotta say it ripps. its always in the van for any chance that arises. rad in bowls, and for cruising, carving and sole riding. its skinny but sick. a different board in your quiver is never a waste, whats the point of have all the same set ups? get your mate to buy it then ride his to test it!
Thanks guys, good to have some second opinions that aren't from a shop keeper with an eye to sell! I rekon I'll prob get myself a jay Adams a flex.. They do sound pretty lush.. Watched some bowl skaters today, looks pretty damn fun.

Where did you buy your board blackwood? And for how much?


: ]
i'm tempted to get something similar as my loaded pin doesn't really cut it in smaller parks. a zflex looks like what i'm after. is it suitable for slalom too (with the appropriate trucks)?

this is the one I had Circa 77
thanks for the replies guys. I bought a jay adams a flex today. Pretty smooth manouverable cruise. I've yet to hit the park with it..
and I don't know much about slalom.. But I would imagine so yeah!

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