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I have an earthwing boomerang, in all but new condition. That I wish to trade for a demonseed.
Boomerang is an awesome board, soooo light, perfect level of stiffness for urban / residential bombing and garage racing. And it's light weight is perfect for hiking back up the hill. 
I live in newcastle area and can travel to Sydney for bombsquad on the odd occasion.

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Fark bro, from one extreme to another. I reckon phil would also consider a glyde drop if anyone has one.

true would rather a glyde I just didnt think that there would be many about. I could potentially swap a glyde/daddow praxis, with full dragon graphic for the glyde drop. I would like to maintain a glyde in the quiver, reprazent!  

GLYDE = fucking awesome.

mmm let me clear that up, I am looking to acquire either a Glyde drop or a Rayne demonseed.

what I have in my possession already and would be happy to trade with is, either an Earthwing Boomerang or a GLYDE/DADDOW Praxis, both are in great condition.



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