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Omni Drop 43

O/A Length: 43"
Wheel base: 34.75" room to add an extra 2" if desired (I can drill this if you want)
Width: 9.875"
Nose angle: 17 deg
Tail angle: 0 deg
Drop height: 1 9/16"
Concave depth at widest point: 5/16"

Its had fiber glass tape on the nose and tail all its life. Grom stickered to perfection. Comes with fresh griptape.


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haha ouch no responses, does that mean I wont be able to sell mine either?? haha
Posable buyer hear! how much are we talking with postage..? is there a posability of trucks and wheels..?
Shipping shouldn't be too much, if it is I can drop the price on the board a bit to compensate. No wheels or trucks unfortunately, already sold those.
sweet, ill tell my friend
he cant afford it right now, he will around the end of the month
$95 Shipped east coast

Also open to trades



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