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3" grade 8 kingpin, shimmed for good fit.


good DH truck, and they're blue! looking for pickup in melbourne, I can ship too. make me an offer.



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how much shipping to brisbane?
shipping is about 7 bucks, satchel bag.
um, how about we give it til sunday, and if I can't get 70+ shipping, it's yours. =] send the money on sunday and i'll ship it on monday.
added you.
pretty sure he said dont worry? hahah ill take it 60+shipping with out bushings?

>.< i'm not sure what he means actually. 


the bushings come with the trucks anyways, have no real use for them. 60 + shipping will save you like...$ 2-3 -.-"""" reallyyy?

i think he means dont worry, i he doesnt want the trucks for 70+ shipping..

ah... $70 shipped?
i can do em cheaper with the stock kingpins.
okay ill talk to old mate.. and get back to you about 70 shipped



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