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just wondering what people have for sale, im looking to start slalom and want a second hand board, or maybe a complete

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Come to Church of Slalom on Sunday, and ride a few boards and see what you like. There might be some 2nd-hand things people would be happy o sell.
Try the NACCOS crew, i thnk Arran still had something for sale.
i can set you up with a set of tracker rts/rtx and a pocket pistols racer x deck if you want. you just need some grippy square lipped wheels and bearings. as bugs said come to church of slalom and check out a few set-ups. at the moment the bushings in the trucks are for a heavier rider (i got them off a mate and never used them but he is bigger than me) but they are easy to tinker with especially with bugs and robbo on hand.

might be out of your price but Judge k has a realy good slalom setup for sale on charliedontskate

From Charlie

Pavel Roadster limited edition for Hopkin Skate in Camoflage scheme,
comes with either Radikal Claw and Wing Trucks or Virage Fr/Rr and Zig Zags 80/86 wheels or Otang 80/83 for Presidents.. Fitted with Crowbar footstop, decent bearings, bushings and fittings. All this for the meagre sum of $550 plus $25 postage (in Australia).


yeah if you got the cash and are serious about slalom then consider judges set-up. this is the spare deck i am selling, only with more stickers and scratches: 

with good condition tracker rts/rtx trucks (im guessing 106mm but i will check) for $110. just need wheels and bushings specific to your weight (approx. 15-20 bucks worth of khiro bushings) I have spare khiro wedged risers you can have too. anyway hopefully it doesn't rain and you can make it to slalom on sunday and have a look

thanx everyone, ill try getting down there on sunday, thanx for the suggestions



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