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World Cup for Wollongong for 2011 ? Has IGSA jumped the start ?

The worst kept secret of Aus downhill is out of the bag

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awesome well done guys will make an awesome race will there be street luge????

Nah, we decided no street luge this year.




Just kidding - of course there'll be street luge - it's an IGSA World Cup! But first let's just see if we can get the whole event official first.

Guff said:

awesome well done guys will make an awesome race will there be street luge????
man id be keen for this!!
all i did was google search Mt Keira Challenge and thats what came up!
that last comment was from Jacko. im gona Trav's computer
is this actually going ahead? because we're booking flights but want to be positive it's on
well it is in the new concrete wave as an event for the 25-27 Nov pending council approval. which sucks because I will be in Fiji that week...... might see if my mates can postpone their wedding haha
Philip & Hugh, see Haggy's comment.
Councils and some people are very slow beasts Bozac,but i shouldn't throw stones.They pay my bills.  But lets talk Slalom That Axe you gave me works great, run Monday Tue with ACS 500  Bones White/Blue Front, Doh Doh Yellow/Indie Red  Rear ,and OS 50 ? Cadallacs  off my old Sims,could pump to about 15kmh from a standing start . Lots of fun  :) 
if this goes ahead, I plan/hope to be there!!

Is this in november or april?

november... does ne1 know if it got finnal aproval?

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