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hey guys just letting you all know i got my wolfshark on friday, its a fkn beast, already chucked on some gator grip ontop and its sexy as, i think im first in aus to have one? ill be putting up a review aswell as pros and cons soon enough!

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where did u buy it from ?? that board looks beastly maan
Worst graphic I've seen since ever
not as bad as the 925...
looks sickkkkkk. totally riding that soon!
i love the graphic because it's different :D the board looks fricken sick i wish i had one...
The graphic actually looks pretty good in person
heyyy the 1st 925 graphic is radness! but the new one... :(
the graphic looks like a $5 shirt that u can buy from the markets =/

thats sickkk!!! yewww

the graphic is that good 


how does the switchblade go?

That board looks sooo fkin white trash.

I love it. 

"Hey Brandine, Go get me my Wolf Shark so I can go fetch us some more of those carde-board tubes."

Yeah, the graphic is average, I love the new 925 one though. haha

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