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Hey guys,

At the moment i am looking to replace my Original S8s which i have had for a while now as there not workng for what i want to do and i'm starting to become less confident about them (Probably should have replaced them a while back).  I'm a carver who enjoys a bit of freeride/slide and is starting to take an interest in Downhill.  I need some advice, i'm going to get some paris trucks but i can't make up my mind on which one, the 180s or the 195s.  I was leaning to the 195s to give a bit more stability at speeds and also because i run O'tang 80a In Heats, i need a bit more width with the trucks on my board.

Any comments will be appreciated.

Cheers, Dom.

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42 degrees Randal 180's

can never go wrong with them

180s are sick if ur carving and i use the 180 hangers for DH

180s all they way, go bears, they turn way more and are more stable

Just ask Jaydos ! about bears

Michael English said:

180s all they way, go bears, they turn way more and are more stable

caliber 44s


What board are you riding? Paris trucks are prone to wheel bite, so keep that in mind.  Can't go wrong with randals, but Bears are fantastic, I have some 840's, ride them for everything!

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