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What is all the talk about a mutiny at the IGSA event on the weekend ?

Dose anyone know what whent down in Canada

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Thanks  Dave

I seen that Video, and also Kevins post, But still a bit confused as to why


Skaters are just sick of IGSA mucking up events.

I assume Jacko or Yatesy will have  something up on the hop blog before to long possibly....

According to Gaydos, in 2 days he got 5 runs. At the world championships. Sounds to me that the IGSA were kooking it all over again. Watching the stream, as usual there was loads of waiting time on the first day (not to mention the ads, my God the ads). Once the skaters started running it, it was all smooth sailing (except the ads!)

yep shit was taking forever to get run. too many chiefs, not enough indians. guy on the start line was just kooking it big time, everyone knows that the guy on the start line needs to be the man in charge telling the rest of the track to get bloody ready as there are over 100 skaters waiting to go. this was not the case, so many un-nessescary red flags and down time for stupid reasons. at one point colloso-vision put up red flags to send one dude up on a golf cart (which was slow as fuck) to fix some of the banners on corner one. bloody rediculous. in the end Kevin got loud and was getting pissed, then just grabbed the heat-draw and said "ok guys we are doing this ourselves, its the honor system, we have the heat draw just pay attention to your name. if your out dont come back up, if you win your heat then you know whats up and the the hell back to the top. take note of which heat you were in and who you were with and we wont fuck around." As soon as that happened racing re-commenced, without the help of IGSA.

RAD! its about time skaters took charge of their own events. goodbye IGSA hello DHSA!

IGSA doesn't fuck up races because they don't run races nor do the pay for races. What the IGSA does is create the format and parameters for organisers to then fuckup the running of the event. Unfortunately if an organiser is not experienced they have no chance of running an IGSA formatted event to a level that people would expect.

The cost of running an IGSA event is expensive. Big sanction fees get paid to the IGSA for World Cups and double fees get paid for World Championships (meaning less money available for prize money). This puts a lot of pressure on event organisers whom mostly do this for nothing or lose money.

To compensate for the extra cost a lot of events register lots of riders (meaning less time on the hill).

All of this is compounded by inflexible IGSA formats that make a race less attractive for riders (less rego money to cover costs), less attractive for spectators (less offtrack revenue to cover costs), and less marketable for sponsors (less outside revenue to cover costs). The result is that most events are run by unpaid and unskilled people on a budget they cannot afford to an expectation they cannot meet.

In the fear of losing control of events (events going forward unaligned) the IGSA continues to add event after event and series after series to the calender without vetting any of the events. The alternative would be to maintain a set number of events and if your not upto scratch you get dropped. This would bring the cream to the top and generally raise the level. The IGSA should really just focus on World Cups and leave the regional stuff to local associations

So what does the IGSA do for this sanction money... not much. They provide a rule book that no real stakeholders have a say on. They provide rankings that are rarely upto date.

What don't they provide - Very little promotion, no sponsorship, no rego system, no insurance. 

What do we get for our money - A five figure bill from the IGSA, a bad format, and some ranking points for the riders.

The IGSA might suck in $60,000 in sanction fees in a year and are looking to institute additional racing license fees to be paid by the riders directly to the IGSA in 2013 yet ASRA who takes in about $3,000 a year in member fees provides more services than the IGSA. We will provide a professional timer, staff, rego system, ranking system, insurance, promotion, automated formats, infrastructure, and general support in all these areas. Its a bit ridiculous that this is the situation

this race was run by the IGSA. Marcus was the race organiser

Cheers      Jacko, Robbo



Jacko said:

this race was run by the IGSA. Marcus was the race organiser

he announced that he put his own time and effort into organising the race while the whole anna arrested fiasco went down. not sure why they had to stop the skateboarding though. although the offence happened on site the full scene happened off the grounds of the race track, totaly away from everything. There was no reason to stop the race or anything, the marshals were all still on track as was the ambulance. If people wanted to stop skating to check the action and get involved that was their choice, they miss out. there was no reason to deny those who didnt care their runs on the hill while that was going on.

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