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Hey guys,

im riding since 22 years now but been out of it for the last 8-9 years.
The market made such a big movement in this years, it is unbelievable!
Im really lost in all this Boards...
Riding atm an Oz Team. I am looking for a new Board. which fit me better. Really like the Oz Team and want miss it. But what i wanna have too is a shorter one, which is good for sliding, kicks out easily, good for stand up slides, good for a bit carving trough the city but stable at higher speed around 60-70 k´s.
All this should be in an shape like the Voodoo Doll or the Rayne Avenger.
What i was thinking about is a Voodoo Doll with Paris 180´s and the hard Durians on it.
What do you guys reckon?

Cheers Sven

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195's might be a bit better if you wanna go fast as well as free ride. I have paris 180's and 195's and they just feels more stable. But i am no pro.
BTW you might cop some stick on this post for asking about what board to get.
You should ring Ado at cr8tive sk8 or hopkins either will tell you whats available and get it o you quick as. They have been awesome to me and sponsor heaps of aussie events.
It is just a question into the community. Wanna see what you guys think...
The people in the shops seem to think in there stock limits, kind off.
The community is more free in this point i think.
its a really hard question tbh :P
what you suggested sounded good, but not the doll for high speeds just because its short. you could always try a killswitch or a glyde dilligaf?
one with 4 wheels, 2 trucks, and a pices of wood on top?
man that would be spastic to a non skater...
2 trucks and 4 wheels? get outta town

Scott Poole said:
one with 4 wheels, 2 trucks, and a pices of wood on top?
get the isis!!!
the tUtone megaladon, very similar to doll.
probably a good board from what i have read but also probably a long shipping time and expensive costs to get it here

mack said:
the tUtone megaladon, very similar to doll.
I have to say, I wouldn't like to be standing on a voodoo doll rolling at 70...
Yeah Sven, from what you describe you'd probably be better off with a freeride-style board. You did try my 9two5 right? If you get a drop through and hard'ish wheels anything will kick out easily into a slide...
Rayne Vendetta, Comet FSM, Landyachtz 9two5...
you should buy my arift. it is a freeride board and the tail is higher than the nose so it is easy to kick out. and if you dont drop-through the nose it would be a stable downhill board.
@ Lewis
I tried the Arift. Its just too heavy and long...

@ Ben
I just dont like the style of this drop throughs. Most of them ride nice but i cant help me, just dont like em...
I think i go for the Avenger or the Doll. Which ever is easier to get my hands on.

Thanks for yout Opinions, highly apreciat them!

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