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West head is kinda near terrey hill. West Head Road, Ku-Ring-Gai Chase, New South Wales, Australia

And Blackburn rd is behind the hassel park shops in st ives 

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i live on scotland island witch is a boat ride away from west head. ive been there a few times and its sick. u go on a full moon at night becouse they close the road entrance is from lovet bay and about a 6 k walk. its seriosly worth it though its perfectly paved with what i think is one of the best sets of hills on the northen beeches if u go remember its a national park respect the inviroment and most importantly be prepared theres no shops eny were neer there theres no mobile reception and easyest acess is via boat . SHARE THE STOKE!!!!

hey this isn't happening anymore. try this link:

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