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Hi guys, 

Where do I get wedged risers (like Khiro riser kits) from in Australia? I've been looking and all I can find are standard wedged risers with low angles and not ones with extreme angles. 

BTW, I'm wanting to fiddle with my pumping boards angles. 



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eg. I can find lots of these:

and none of these:

Do I just bite the bullet and make my own?

If its experimental you can get away with a ghetto setup until you know what angle you want by packing one side up with washers under the baseplate with the deckbolts going thru them. when youre happy with the setup. copy the angle with a more permanent one piece wedge.

I got mine from Cre8ive sk8

cheers, skittles.

ado @ cre8ive sk8 hooked me up with everything that I was looking for (and good prices). 

Good to hear!

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