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theres gotta be a few under 18's here.. post up your photos and vids. ive got no idea how good other 17y.o's are. what speeds you guys hitting?

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this is pretty old and i have gotten a lot better since then, but here we go..
I dont have any vids yet but im just 16.
Getting leathers in about a week.

Ive been hitting about low 60's I think maybe a tad more. Will be getting faster when I get my leathers.

What speeds do you hit?

Oh and exams are a bitch aye... Not time for skating.
yeh mate yr 12 sucks ass! got 1 more week of assessments, then 1 week of bludge then 7 weeks of holidays.. plan to make a sweet little vid over the holidays.. all the footage i got is old..
highest so far is 80kmh.. hoping to get into the 90's by xmas.. its finding a hill thats the problem i got one in mind but might have to draft something could prob hit 100 with drafting but then i gotta find people crazy enough to do it with.
a quick little mash-up vid is uploading as i type, footage is like 10 weeks old
Where are you going for schoolies?

If you're gonna be able to get to 100 then you should be fine at bathurst. Are u going?
nah just started yr 12 this term.. do hsc next year

yeah definatly goin bathurst got like a year to prepare.. i reckon i could have a good crack at it now, just not as fast as the pros and id definatly have to break for forests elbow.. but i can only get better

you gonna come? need more young people
bro you have a whole year to practice... just go session the fark out of jamberoo mtn rd, practice speed checkin those hair pins and come for a few sundays sessions with us... you will be more than ready for newtons next year man ive seen how quick you've been picking this up
shittest quality ever
watch in high quality
yeah jacko this holidays ill be skating with yous heaps
Yo guys, I'm 15 and have hit 50-60kph.
And still looking for faster longer runs around south east Queensland, i haven't got leathers yet but i have been looking.
once i break at least 70kph leathers will be the next thing i get for sure.
hmm id look at getting leathers asap anything over 60 i reckon youd want more protection
qld got some pretty sick runs.. those youtube vids are awesome from the early crew
if your 15 and already hitting 60 your doing pretty good man...
yep true bro, i'm looking as we speak.
yer i have skated with a couple of guys from the early skate crew nothing super fast just a long run.
and yer i haven't really been 60 yet on a nice long run with lots of corners just basically a bomb with like one two corners where you just need to lean.
Joe said:
and yer i haven't really been 60 yet on a nice long run with lots of corners just basically a bomb with like one two corners where you just need to lean.


nice smooth hotmix hit at 60kph will eat 3mm of skin per second. you don't have 3mm of skin anywhere on your body. Wear Leather! Imagine what rough bitumen will do to you. Remember it isn't IF you come off in this game it's WHEN.

My 2 cents

yer true that Adrian i will be looking for some leathers for sure from now on! cheers

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