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Kieran Reilly shreds.

End of story.


Shot is from Slam Mag photo by Young Vo

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yeah holy shit, i hope passenger planes are aware of the air space hes occupying their
did he use a banshee bungee tow-in or what? that is insane
Dunno bout the bungee, but the kid skates fast. He was gettin' 6 foot of air over the box at Slam factory when he was 10 years old.
Nice tuck.
Kieran has always been insane but thats just epic air
imagine how much thatd kill your feet and knees. or imagine if he landed it wrong and the board snapped underneath him ouch
thats what i call an air

epic air, needs to land epic too to avoid epic damage!

anyone know if there is some footage of this, or this kid


That drop in at the drain is crazy!

Nice one Uan. Kieran has unbelievable style,control & power in his skating.

I was working at Slam when he first moved to the Central Coast,

so I got to watch & skate with him over a few years when he seemed to live at the place.

It's great to see where his amazing talent & down to earth personality have taken him.

His little brother Tristan shreds too.

Rip it up Kizza.


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