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Figured an event would be hard to tell the rangers cause theyre tryna kick out boarders now, so yeh is anyone up for coming to the sweep just for a few downhill runs any week?

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yeh but if your in the middle of coming around that corner your stuffed. bikes and people you can just carve around easily, cars are a big unit so youd have to do a insanely sharp turn i guess

i went today and the guy was like we dont really mind and said hes gonna bring his board next
im there every morning

James said:
you need at least 2 spotters on the one righty seeing as its just so long and the trees block all view
anyone up for a monday morning ride?
if youre annoyed about getting kicked out before 9, go earlier. every time i go to sweep i get there at like dawn and you get a decent couple of hours no worries. and james if you dont think a spotter would help, youre an idiot. sure its a big corner and there are heaps of trees obstructing views, so it would be hard to spot for, but its possible and it would definately be a lot safer. and for the record i have been kicked out only once, by the tubby ranger who hates skaters, and that was the first time i ever went there. all the other rangers are fine with it, they just open the gates and thats when you leave anyway to avoid cars. they dont kick you out, just open the gates
you just gotta go early skate then leave when the gates open. Easy. :)
Exactly. And don't piss anyone off, rangers or people who might complain

Andrew Jenkins said:
you just gotta go early skate then leave when the gates open. Easy. :)

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