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Today Blackwood, one of the ASRA central committee, set off from Sydney in his trusty carny wagon to find a new home in Perth. He's taking the scenic route, so might not arrive for a couple of months.

Blackwood brought his lanky, loose-limbed style to ASRA after infecting a generation of Bomb Squadders. His carny skills, combined with an allround ability to step up and get things done, made him an invaluable part of the success of the last few Newton's Nations, and this year's Keira Challenge. Always super helpful, congenial, and completely rad, he will be sadly missed in Sydney.

Blackwood, I wish you the best of luck in Perth, but am quite sure you won't need any luck at all. Keep shredding the rad.

Some archetypal Blackwood footage:

"Here to Shred"

Camera: Alex

Riders: Blackwood & Alex.

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Rest in Peace, Blackwood.

Oh wait, he's not actually dying is he. Just moving to Perth. Then again, how would you tell the difference?*

A Blackwood Bombsquad made me the man I am today - pretty smashed up but full of stoke! Back when SCBS was fast and gnarly. Have a good one over there man. Keep spreading stoke.

(* joooooooookes, people!)

Laters Blackwood! Thanks for always spreading the stoke. Hope to see you soon, stay safe...stay rad.
Dido bugs.
No one works physically harder at any race than B-wood. good luck woodyduck

Mate i'm stoked to have have ya here and im sure the rest of WAR is to! This is  the link to WAR's facebook page :) 

Get ready WA Blackwood is coming!

Looks like Perth will be getting a bombsquad.


I imagine the Tshirt will be well recieved by the blasting crews from the mines!

He's a rad kid. He should do well.

Thanks for all the stoke you spread over on the East Side Blackwood.

Shred it up on the West Side bruva.

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