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Sydney downhill does not exist. No one skates down mountain roads. Everyone here sticks to the suburbs and local bombs. There are no good downhill runs in sydney. Everything is flat.

Please do not ask where to go skateboarding, because we dont know. We dont actually skate in sydney, we all ride scooters...

...Nek Minit

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yessir, rooty hill i live in! i've read somewhere there is a quiet place in lansdowne park near bankstown which is downhill, but it's like a bicycle track or something like that, would love to give it a try. weather's being really mean lately though. we're no where near good longboarders though, we can do 180 standys, stink bugs, toe side stink bugs and all those basic freeride slides but haven't tried them on steep hills

In that case you'll die on a 70km/h hill. I'm guessing you don't have fullfaces either.


Go to pump station instead. Learn to ride downhill before you think about hitting over 60. Also go to bombsquad. Learn not to stinkbug and all sorts of useful skills that will stop you ending up as a shredded corpse on a hill that was too big for you.

unfortunately we don't have fullfaces yet, we only got into longboarding a few weeks ago and still adapting to longboard brands and which manufacturers are good and what not. i bought a bustin strike as a rookie mistake but don't regret it as i now use it for transport therefore saving on fuel. i now have an avenger. if you're talking about colemans, we can do colemans to slow us down, both heel and toe sides, but as i said, not while going 70, but have done them from 40-50, and would love to be taught how to do them on higher speeds like 60 or so. this pump station, could you kindly state where it's at? and what is bombsquad?

Hey Gino.

There is a better hill then the pump station closer to you guys at Blacktown just as fast twice as wide .800 

metres long culdesac rd and fark all traffic and has a great runout Clunies Ross rd Blacktown near the Prospect Hotel .

Also check out Cams school of speed to get ya skills up. The boys from ASRA rode this road back in the day for races.

and it will be nowhere near as crowded as the pump is getting .

road is different now mick much busier the housing estate has punched into it there is now a roundabout where we used to start slalom i went there last week hoping to have a roll and was wondering why there were all these cars behind me at the intersection on the great western hwy.
i came from there just then, went for a drive, and you're right, there is massive roundabout. but if you turn left into that roundabout and drive around you will find nice hills and there is actually a very impressive one which isn't even in google maps yet
it actually is on there, sorry. it's called butu wargun dr, really quiet place, good on a dry night

Seek and you will find.

well done Gino....


hi me and my mate r keen to get into dh weve been skating for years and are into downhill but have only bombed a few small hills. We were wondering if you guys could give us some pointers or tell us about some good grom friendly hills ive seen all the stuff about groms stuffing up hills and we dont want to do that we just wanna shred.

Not Sure if someone else has posted this, cant seem to see it anywhere, but Galston Gorge is closed again.....

that looks mad we should organize a session

James said:

Not Sure if someone else has posted this, cant seem to see it anywhere, but Galston Gorge is closed again.....

where that at

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