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hi all just through that we should make a thread for all those sutherland shire longboarders out there. know any good runs that other might not? post them here!
post where the run is, whether its for cruise, carve, downhill etc and maybe even google map of it :D

maybe even one day we can link a few up and have an awesome session somewhere!

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cmonnnnnnn where is all the sutherland shire longboarders??? am i the only one on ASRA because there are a few on silverfish!

hey mate,

Im a longboarder that lives in Cronulla. There are some sick runs me and my mate do near bass and flinders cause theres no cars and nothing but smooth hills....we should meet up and go for a skate sometime

I'm new to Caringbah and keen to check out what the area has to offer. If either of you are keen, hit me up.

I'm also new to this whole forum business..

Hey Hey, anyone still alive that skates Sutho region? It would be awesome to shred with some fellow skaters?

hello im in the shire in menai area i can easily get transport throught the shire wherever yous are inbox me if ya wanna longboard smetime,freeride or downhill.

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