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Hey guys,

This is what I'm selling:

  • Rayne Drop-thru Killswitch complete (with classic freerides, bones reds, randall 50's)  $330 Shipped
  • 1 set of barely used (never slid) blue big 80's (i think thats 83a)  $45 Shipped
  • 1 set of never used gullwing chargers  $40 Shipped
  • 1 set of Bones super swiss bearings  $30 Shipped
  • 1 set of 2pce leathers (Good condition, will fit someone small, maybe about 160cm)  $150 shipped

Will put up pictures when asked and if you want to get in quick, send me a message.

Prefered payment will be direct deposit

Will take of a bit on the price if you want to pick it up





PS. All the pics are on page 2

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yea ok

ill try earn something here and there

ill trade a trade u a tan tien for thee kill switch
hes already got a tan tien sorry declan. he ordered one 2 days ago
yeah he did dermott. ive been talking to him.

so its noy laughible if he bought a tan tien instead of this


ok, ill buy the complete for 320 inc. shipping

ill just borrow some money from my friends (though i have a feeling that theyre gona go all dog on me and make me pay interest)

ill pm u

i have sent friend request




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