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Hey guys,

This is what I'm selling:

  • Rayne Drop-thru Killswitch complete (with classic freerides, bones reds, randall 50's)  $330 Shipped
  • 1 set of barely used (never slid) blue big 80's (i think thats 83a)  $45 Shipped
  • 1 set of never used gullwing chargers  $40 Shipped
  • 1 set of Bones super swiss bearings  $30 Shipped
  • 1 set of 2pce leathers (Good condition, will fit someone small, maybe about 160cm)  $150 shipped

Will put up pictures when asked and if you want to get in quick, send me a message.

Prefered payment will be direct deposit

Will take of a bit on the price if you want to pick it up





PS. All the pics are on page 2

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JACKSON! no man. lost respect. il take the super swiss probs.


and what freerides? and how much?
ooooo first dibs.

Dermott Pascoe said:

no the swiss are mine


mate, I d love to grab the big80s.
how much for the killswitch just deck?

ill take the charger kingpins and the balls from the reds

Hey Jackson
Im keen to pickup your big80's
Where about in Brisbane are you?
Hey man, hate to be a bitch but I'm calling dibs on those.

mack daddie said:
Hey Jackson
Im keen to pickup your big80's
Where about in Brisbane are you?
Cheers man

Jackson Bamforth said:
sorry for not replying guys. Uan, the big 80's are yours. Ill message you

is the killswitch still up for sale


i believe it is.
Would you trade the freerides for orangatang stimulus 86a?
could i see pics of the killswitch complete?

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