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G'day fellow skaters.

There comes a time in a skaters life he must advance from the glove down slides into stand-up slides.

So I call on you guys for advice on techniques and stuff to pull these off.

Had a look on youtube for tutorials but they all looked sketchy as with their reccomendations style.

Heelside first thanks.


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Hey dude I'm not trying to be a dick, but wrong forum. Plus search silverfish and past forum posts here, there are millllllions of groms looking for sliding advice on the net bro. 


My personal advice would be to loosen up your trucks, find a rad heelside corner and take it faster and/or tighter until you start slipping out, then try to kick the back out. Keep your weight on your heels! And more to the front. 


Thanks. I wasn't sure wheter to post it in two cents or not.
I find it helps if you carve into it and really swing your body into it and try and keep your weight on the heelside rail otherwise u might face plant and eat shit

I just unlocked a 180 standy today. +1 to everything trent said. Carve hard and at maybe 45* swing your arms up and around, not like a ballerina though... Helps if you have wheels 80 and up and loose trucks. Most important thing is to sit into the slide (sit right down which a friend keeps nagging me about). Main thing you have to get into your head is that you just need to do it and stick to the slide. Trust me I've watched,read, listened to about every piece of advice - its only till I said fuck it lets do this shit did I manage to do one. 

^ this last part is the best advice that can be given. if you want to do large standies, you need to commit. unless you commit 100 percent you will not acheive a standy. practise the floppy arm technique, swing into it, dont just kick it out, push it out and swing your arms like trent said. position your body the direction you want to head in. i.e point your shoulders towards the place you want your slide to take you.

I cheated a bit since I had the peer pressure of Lea Robbo busting out her first 180 just before me so my pride left me no choice!

MOST important is to sit low- if you arn't sitting lower enough 1. you'll feel as though you can't even push the board out 2. you 'll get pitched off. Getting this stuck in your head will give you the confidence to slowly work towards getting all 4 wheels sliding.


Haha cents i learnt standup slides on 77a big zigs. I already had 180s down and I was trying to learn to keep it at 90 degrees. All I really remember trying to teach myself was to bend my knees, carve into it and swing my arms.


I think keeping it 90 is all about the arms? You keep you back arm stretched back and the front arm up?

*sit low
*setup carve
*swing arms and turn shoulders
*push with feet
*put skate face on

even if you are too low, you should be able to save yourself with a hand and transition into a panic coleman slide thing. unless its a big surprise. then ya gotta hope yer bums nice and soft.

yeah cents, watching monster skaters and videos. the pros lag the back hand behind them. i think it drags ur back shoulder back a bit so when you run out of slip your back wheels hook up and your shoulders are already set up for a carve or something....
slide myths go!
but really sitting too low is "safer" than standing too high

I really don't know hey. For a heelside standy I do it the opposite to what you just said haha. 

get down low and use ur whole body untill ur wheels brake traction
Dont ask just do it!

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