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Hey does anyone no some good spots for longboarders that are trying for 55-65kph? please no douce comments thanks

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it helps to add where abouts you live bro. not being a douche dw ahah live in's a mecca for downhill skateboarding...just ask some of the local yokels and im sure you will be put in the right direction for what ur looking to hit up.
try the staff at The Daily Grind skate shop


Linden ave.. but that area is a bit of a hot spot these days

Eoth- eagle on the hill. that can be like 50 or so with windbraking, but you are fairly safe as the median strip divides you from oncoming traffic.

Aldgate Valley- its like 40-50 with corners (need a car i might add)

Birch- can do runs by walking up laurel which is at the bottom.

Driveway- its a surburban run with corners and stuff, but can practice your sliding and stuff there as well. (ellerslie drive)


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