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The Speed-master, and the Speed-air are two products of aero helmets that i am interested in buying.

After researching the products they seem to be as safe as any other paragliding helmets available on the market

i am interested in buying The Speed-Master Pro which looks very similar to the cut iCaro 4 flight

does anyone have any thoughts on the helmet or knowledge that could helmet me decide for a paragliding helmet to buy. i have used an old r-jays missile helmet for a while i know believe it would be a good time to buy a new helmet





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neither is a charly or an icaro or a airxtreme or anything. only the predator is designed for it.

Johnny Psaltis said:

well it says this in general iformation which kind of put me off buying one


Downhill Skateboarding is not for this helmet

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for injuries caused if this helmet is used for Downhill Skating. This helmet is not certified for the use of DH Skating. Use at your own risk.

most open face helmets are not road rated & not allowed to be for racing !
you would be safer in an approved push bike helmet ( even thou they look gay )

would you use a protec helmet to downhill in ?
Nick Frayne said:

it cant be any less safe than wearing an open face lid though can it?

dave k said:

paragliding helmets are not road impact rated they are used for the aero shape not for safety  !

sort of defeats the purpose of buying one doesn't it ?

there is no such thing as a safety rating for DH skating standard, not even the predator.

this has been discussed a grozillian times, can we please delete these threads and force people to research this already very well covered argument?


The question is, where to buy?


I believe that while there is no certification for the helmet of DH, we have to use the apparently more comfortable and safer.

i will delete the thread soon, once i get some more details from adam
where is Adam? I also want to pay only $ 125

HarryAllwood said:
i will delete the thread soon, once i get some more details from adam

He is from the USA. i have sent him an email asking about the shipping, and a few other things.

But unfortunately, because of the time difference he might not check the email untill late tonight or tomorrow morning..

ill let you know what he says. 

Fernando Vieira said:

where is Adam? I also want to pay only $ 125

HarryAllwood said:
i will delete the thread soon, once i get some more details from adam

Thanks  HarryAllwood , here in my country costs more than $350 a helmet.

what site did you buy from ?

Fitz said:

I used to have a speedmaster, then sold it to McQuinnie.

They're the China clone of Icaro. Excellent quality. Lower cost.


Just like any aero lid you need to be able to afford to replace one if you crash. Not just afford to buy one and expect to keep it forever.

One good crash and its virtually useless.

aye adam i live in states, oklahoma to be exact. i was wondering if i could get one of these from you.
id like a white speedmaster asap if you could email me at that would be awesome. 


Adam Tyler Scott said:


hey man, i sell these helmets on

they are 125.00 plus shipping, and i live in the states. Pm me if you want any more info

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