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Smokey Trucks.. Whats the hole in the hanger for?

My trucks were making a horrible rattling sound whenever i put the board on the ground. I started to tighten all the screws and wheels to see if it fixed it, i havent got a chance to check yet. However i noticed small holes on each of the hangers, what do they do? I tried sticking an allen key in them and nothing happened?


you can see the holes in this pic

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press pins, cos the hangar is 2 parts. off the top of my head thats what they are. holes for the pins
arent they for the axles? similar to that of a surfrodz truck?
rattleing will be your sepherical bearing...
Just a guess but i'd say the pins are keeping the axles locked in
Ian anyway to fix it like cleaning or is that just the sound they make? Ok so ill just leaves the holes.

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