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Skaters in Gold Coast? I'm looking for someone to do some freeride with!

Hello guys, I'm Eugenio. I arrived here in Gold Coast from about a month, and I would like to skate in this city. I'm just looking for someone else to skate with (I do mainly freeride) and I would like to know where to find some good spots (for good I mean a road where not many cars pass, and eventually with a good asphalt)! Now i'm living in surfers paradise, but I've got a car so I can move somewhere else (here it's mainly flat). Can you give me some information?! Thanks a lot

Tags: DH, downhill, freeride, longskate, slide, sliding

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how old are you?

Jack Gooley said:

how old are you?

20 man!!

But I can skate well :P

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