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Man charged over skateboard towing incident

Prime 7 - Newcastle | 18/07/12 10:04

Going for the Darwin Award!

Vigil for injured teen Dominic Goodwin reminder of need to wear a h...

Campbelltown Macarthur Chronicle | 16/07/12 14:43

You wont see this story on the cool website

YOUR SAY: Skateboarders at risk on Yarra Ranges roads

Free Press Leader | 18/07/12 05:00

Grumpy residents making police fill out more paperwork!

Kman teaches skaters new skills

Daily News | 17/07/12 05:00

That's RAD!

Skateboarder severs artery in fall

Daily News | 16/07/12 15:27

Nasty way to learn about helmets, lets all hope he is OK.

Helmet use...this is getting tiring?
Longboarders seemingly always wear helmets; skateboarders do not.
There will always be grief when Skateboarding Australia only mandate helmet use at events for riders under the age of 14. Interesting to see that Ryan Sheckler also fails to wear a helmet at any appearances or events that he attends.....what a solid role model. So is it any wonder that the skateboarding fraternity is losing members. Some might see it as natural selection, however, the sport and it's elite have a responsibility to change the ethos from 'I don't look cool in a helmet' to 'Skating safe so that I can skate another day'.
This is not rocket science people, think about it....the body recovers from a fall - the brain does not always recover from a head injury. Your call. For the sake of putting a $60 helmet on you can possibly prevent a brain injury or death. If you love your parents wear a helmet. That is all.

Bruiser, you could also write a letter to Kate Lundy, minister for sport, and send a copy to the minister for health, cause they are the ones providing all the cash, from our taxes, to SbA to run their events and post their videos.

^^absolute joke! Adelaide cops acctualy think they have nothing better to do than have two of em sitting in a speedo car at the bottom of a road that is pretty quiet except for during rush hour

'One false move on a device like a street luge can result in serious injury or death,' a spokesman said.

Obviously an expert in the matter.

FFS Its a glorified billycart on a hill, not tightrope walking across Niagra Falls!!

Spokesman should continue searching for speed rather than smoking weed out back country.

Also the close call with car travelling in the opposite direction, is 7 meters close now? Guess if you are in a 747 it might be (;-)>

1 false move on/in a Car, motor bike, push bike, horse, elephant, roller skates, or even feet can also result in serious injury or death

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