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Hey Guys.
Just thought that i would post this to just see what opinions you guys have.
Im pretty new to the whole "what boards and set-ups are good" and stuff like that, so im goona ask a couple of questions.
First of all, good SLIDING FULL SET-UPS? I just want to see what is good.
Second of all good DOWNHILL SPEEDBOARD FULL SET-UPS? Also to see opinions.
Thanks guys i just want to see the opinions of more experienced skaters that have been there and done that :)

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I like boards that smell like purple and slide like barefeet on vomit after reading crappy threads.

ASRA is the only thing going DH due to grom clog. Maybe we need to .......blah blah this has gotta be the 1000th time round, here we go again.

1. Search tab bar is top r/h corner of page. Use it.

2. Photo's is where you see what everyone has just bought including the bubble-wrap that it came in. Trust me, there heaps being posted up every week.

Ask yourself this. Do you really wanna know what works for other people?

What if they ride goof when you're natch? what if they only have one leg (don't laugh, I rode with such a guy in a carpark).
Ultimately you gotta just ride, watch and learn, ride again and get your own flavour.

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