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To all fellow skateboarders...

Selling some of my stuff that i dont need anymore, got a variety of Gear ill be selling fairly cheap. I would rather do pick up from the Sunny Coast or Brisbane but i will ship if needed. So... listen up!! :)


Kebbek Smoothcut -

# Length: 42”
# Width: 9.5" to 8.25"
# Wheelbase (inside): 32”
# Flex: Stiff
# Drop Thru Truck Mount


One of my first good longboards, very reliable, its in an OK condition but i tell you now that the chips and bumps do NOT affect the boards ability what so ever.. The only major Chip is right at the top. I bought the board like this and its been fine! It's served me well, but now i have moved onto top mounts.

$70 for the deck. (not including shipping, if needed)

Here's A Pic -



Gullwing Charger's -

Super-wide and super-stable, yet carvy. Been ridden a fair bit, i loved them for the time i rode them. It looks like they have been scratched everywhere, but its just the paint peeling off and some scratches here and there. Great Trucks.

$45 for the trucks, including Bushings and bolts etc.  (not including shipping, if needed)


Here's some Pics -




Oranatangs - Purple 4 prez, 83a, 70mm. These wheels are intended for hard carving, pumping and speed. I got some new ABEC 11 so i dont need them anymore. Only ridden 3 or 4 times.

$65 for wheels, (not including shipping, if needed)


Venoms - Orange Shockers. 80a & 70mm. Pretty good wheels. Not really for me.. 1 wheels has a pretty big chip out of it, i personally cannot feel it when i ride them, but each to their own. Close to new.

$20 for wheels, (not including shipping if needed)

Longboard cruise wheels. Had these given to me, BRAND NEW.

$15 for wheels, (not including shipping if needed)


2 Helmets -

1 full faced motorbike helmet and 1 skid lid. Both in OK condition.

$20 for full face. (not including shipping, if needed)

$10 for skid lid. (not including shipping, if needed)



I can do a complete set-up with, Kebbek Smoothcut, Gullwing Chargers, Oranatang purple 4 prez and Built-in bearings.

All for $220. (not inculding shipping, if needed)


Cheers, Sammy T


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you are still trying to off load those venoms!!!

yeah dude, they're no good to me. i dont need em :)
hey i wouldnt mind one or both helmets. What size are they?

yea man ill take the kebbeck deck . where bouts do you live?

Jeez, Attention all groms.
You can find where they live by clicking on someone's display picture, (it will take you to their profile) then look under their profile picture, it will show their location.

chill elliot, haha

Cameron - Im on the sunshine coast, QLD.

Mason - The skid lid is a MEDIUM and the full face is a LARGE.

yea man inbox me your details and ill send it off asap

Sam Thompson said:

chill elliot, haha

Cameron - Im on the sunshine coast, QLD.

Mason - The skid lid is a MEDIUM and the full face is a LARGE.

wanna swap purple stims for 4prez or are you just not longboarding anymore?
Chidi - i will never stop longboarding dudee, im just selling my stuff i dont need anymore. Umm i would rather cash man... sorry
$5 for those venoms?



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