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Selling landyatchz switch either as complete or just deck, up to buyer. Preferably complete

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Alright, ill ship only if you pay for it..
Hey man can you put up some pictures please?

Yeah ill try and get them up by the end of this weekend, I'm not with my board at the moment..


how much man? I would't blankly bid on a board if I haven't seen pics or know how much you think it is worth, also what trucks and wheels bearing, is shipping included?


I mean this is pretty basic stuff here guys!

Sorry, umm it has Bear grizzlys 852s, purple orangatang stimulus and Bones reds. I bought it in August last year, and no shipping would not be included. Complete I think its worth $250

you considering just selling the trucks?

if i just sold trucks 80 minimum..
hey dude, im keeen on your fulllly sick longboard switch landyacths deck brosef dude, how much for half the deck?



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