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Thought your holiday couldn't get any better! Well you were wrong! The legend continues and it ain't over 'till it's over !

  • Worldwide: Online Sale Starts 12am December 26th Pacific Standard Time (Vancouver)

The Rayne Longboards annual Year End Factory Sale (aka the Boxing Day sale for us Canadians) is back and you won't be disappointed. We need to clean up and clear out everything in the factory for the new year and as usual that means stupid discounts on our 100% North Vancouver manufactured decks. This year is bigger and badder than ever, including ALL NEW custom shapes, some classic shapes you know and love, a wack of odd ball graphics and a wide range of slightly blemished decks that need a home! All our Factory Sale decks are in limited quantities and will ONLY be sold here on in our online store.

  • Sales prices from 50% off and more on our regular retail.
  • Blemishes are cosmetic only. No structurally defective boards will be sold. Blemishes may include:
    • Graphic blemishes such as blurry graphics, color misprints, or wrong graphics
    • Blank Decks
    • Small dents or scratches
    • Off-center cuts (1/4" max)
    • Sanding and / or finishing errors
  • Shipping rates calculated by the Online Store are accurate for ALL customers. Shipping WILL be charged on ALL orders. 
  • Australian and New Zealand customers who would like to get together, group up and bulk ship CAN do so. Please order individually and select 'Pick Up' and you will be contacted for shipping address and payment - this worked well last year, we hope we can do it again. Make a skate buddy and save money!
  • All orders will begin shipping out in the first week of January.

Sale starts at MIDNIGHT Pacific Standard Time on the 26th online AND live at the Rayne Alley Factory Store... so no not 12am on Sunday the 25th, that's Xmas morning... 12am Monday the 26th. The sale ain't over 'till it's over.

There were some concerns and confusions last year, but I think we all got through it okay. If you have questions, comments or concerns, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!! We will be available on Facebook at, Live chat on our website (tool bar on the bottom right of the page at, and checking here on ASRA. Or you can email us at and we'll get back to you asap.

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ok thanks

who else wants boards, we need to get a big group together to save cash, theres already a small group of sydney people, who else from sydney is in


Here's what we have right now:

- Hustler

- Timeline

- Vendetta

- Hellcat

- Demonseed

- Nemesis

- Drop Baby Killer

- Isis

- Renegade

Only a few of each, but happy to keep the price and help coordinate if there's an order. Even if you don't live in the city, and someone can ship it on once it arrives, it will still be cheaper to ship to one spot.


what isis's have you got? as in what graphics

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