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I have my eye on a rayne killswitch or nemesis. I was wondering which would be best for mostly freeriding and some downhill. your thoughts? thanks guys

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get a daddow ya pansy

Get a Glyde

End of Discussion


get out there and try some boards dude!!! if you can't do that get the one that looks the best... still can't decide??? what does your favourite rider ride??? and if that doesn't do it for ya go the board that has been winning most of the races on the east side of australia over the past few weeks the 120y

what he said ^

then get a glyde... ;)

definatly hard to beat!!!

Matt Dempsey said:


best board on the market enough said

Depends if you like drop boards or not.

Personally i find the flying pan feels a bit small, and the concave is less prevalent than the nemesis, but it feels way more agile and nimble.

I like my killswitch, it feels sick for me. lots of concave and feels good to ride.


get a daddow, a glyde, and a flying pan

then shoot all of them into a curb

that poplar sandwich construction of the pan is going to mash up bigtime, whereas the aussie made awesomeness of bamboo maple and glass will definetally last faaaar better..

Oh and rayne construction is also crap. 

There are a ridiculousl amount of rayne boards that get cracks or major delamination when you run them in to a curb.


If you want something that will last; and retain value, i'd get the aussie made

fucken stole my thing you dirty grom!! hahahaha

Matthys said:

Get a Glyde

End of Discussion


Rayne only sends a few boards to Australia once a year, they pretty much refuse to stock Aussie shops and encourage American shops selling them into Australia so either you have to buy them from an American store or you forget about it. Its probably a good thing in the end, Rayne owned the market here, than dropped a turd on it and gave it away on a plate. It created space for another 20 boardmakers which have created a smorgasbord of options now with products that are much better than Rayne
Nemesis deep concave will lock your feet in pretty solidly which makes it easy to slide but take Robbo's advice and go with a local brand. If you really want a dropped deck like the Nemmy, ask Steve from Fat Pigeon if and when his drop deck will be in production.

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