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Hi guys. I just took off my randals to put in some new bushings and change my board from topmount to drop thru. When I put it back on the board and started riding I noticed there was rattling every time I leaned either heelside or toeside. I already checked my bearings so I am at a loss. Please help

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Tighten your bolts?
check your pivot cups?

what do you mean check the pivot cups?

and ive already tried to tighten the bolts but thanks anyway

where the hanger pivots on the baseplate opposite to the bushings and kingpin, make sure the plastic cup in the baseplate is not worn out

what does it look like when it is worn out?

It looks the same as another set of trucks i have

its only an idea, not saying that it is the problem, grab your wheels and move them up and down and see if the pivot pin is sloppy in the cup, if the problem has only started since you pulled the trucks apart it could be a totally different problem

oh ok, i just cheked and it seemed normal

but once i pulled it out i found the part of the trucks around the kingpin was rusted  and i couldnt fit the kingpin back in so I asked a friend and he advised me to file it down a bit so it would slide in to the slot. Could this be the problem?

possibly, that could be it, can you post photos, it would be so much easier to give you advice if I could see it
also if you run your trucks super loose you will find that as your washers will sometimes rattle as the bushings compress and allow them to move about tighten you bushings a half or so turn and it may fix it.
just flip the kingpin around usually works
wenu say flip the kingpin around do you mean like turn it because i saw that on another thread and have tried every possible way the kingpin fits into the truck and still nothing. I usually wouldnt worry its justthat its quite loud and makes a grinding noise like somethings gonna break
I will try post some pics tomorow as i dont have a camera on me since i lent it to a friend

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