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So, many are aware that Adelaide is quickly becoming the place to stay away from as far as skating is concerned. We have crew in court facing criminal charges, the highest fines in the country and the rudest and most agressive police.


Laguna Beach has had a small success recently showing that skateboarders can put forward a solid and intelliegent argument. At the moment the SA crew along with Daily Grind are pushing for regular weekend road closures from councils to give ourselves and new comers to the sport somewhere to skate without upsetting our very sensitive system.


A petition has been written up and although it mainly focuses on a change in the laws we are realistic in the knowing this wont happen anytime soon. It will put a large number of names on a sheet supporting what we do though and show that regardless of what the law may or may not do, a change in attitude is needed. Hopefully they can begin to meet us half way.


Have a read and if you agree put you name on it. Show your folks and your mates at school too.

If you ever plan to ride a longboard in South Australia, you are our demographic.

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petition signed. jump on this people, adelaide is too good to lose!!
Signed the petition, but on the positive side I havent had any cop trouble for months
True that Charlie. Things seem to be getting better, I think it's better to do this when we aren't the focus of all their hatred. The crew has worked really hard to get things back to normal, especially the groms. We all appreciate it.
The petition has a lot of FB ''likes'' but you need to scroll to the bottom and press the sign button. Cheers dudes.
Signed. hope that this petition will keep radelaide still skate able for yars to come. and hopefuly that if i ever come down to radelaide i will be able to skate the hills there !!!


something needs to happen....

were not dishing out a third of our income so that we can be shorthanded by the government

Damn right!

Its an awesome form of transport!

Im gonna start using a pogo stick for transport if they take this away! laws stopping pogo sticks on the road!

signed ....
Yesterday I got so some spot with a small crew of about 5 tops
Well within 5 mins of being there a cop was there. He only went in to do a u turn and go the other way.
Well he saw my friend with his board. Said hey. Then saw the rest of the crew. And at that realization that money could possibly be made from harassing us, and his pathetic life slightly less miserable. He kicked us out of this unlined suburban road saying that people have called in complaining about "near misses" and then said that people that lived on the street were complaining about shifty characters outside their houses.
What was odd about this was we hadn't even finished padding up yet
And i still work and for a brief period lived on that street so I know the locals well, who fully support and often watch us skate and commend us on our shredding. When we told him we have video footage of us not being there at the time the call was allegedly made
He decided to make up a new time
Just to Cunt with out heads
So basically, what I am saying is, if we haven't done anything wrong and can prove it. Can we just tell them to fuck off, not literally but yea
If we haven't done anything wrong

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