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Hey guys & girls.
I'm heading down to Brisbane in September, and I've seen photos of some locations that I'd love to skate, with or without people.. I'm unsure of the names of these places or the locations, so I call on you knowledgeable people.

1: There's a bendy footpath under a bridge in Brisbane. Events have been held there, i'm unsure if it's "GnarPath" or not.

2: Mount Anner.. Or Mount Aerial or something like that. Pretty fast bomb of approximately 70 or so.

I know about mount gravity, looks good.

Or just reccomend me some places to go.


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under the bridge is gateway. never heard of mt anner
Yes. Mount Annan! That's it!
Gateway track sounds good.
dude mount annan is south of sydney in nsw. hit up the brisbane crew in sites and sessions
Hey Boobs gimme a call when u here 0401058637
No worries bro!
come sesh 3 corners with us sometime. it's a rad place with 3 steep hairpins

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